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Impressum company title:         V+S Furniere Vertriebs GmbH office location: 36043 Fulda   Christian-Wirth-Straße 17 CEO:   Hans-Jürgen Vogel   phone: 0661 / 4800650 fax:   0661 / 48006529 Email: info@vs-furniere.de   commercial register-Nbr: HRB 755 sales tax ID-Nbr: DE 112 404 899   notice of liability: with verdict of May 12th 1998 the district court of Hamburg decided that the publishing of a link may lead to the responsibility of the linked site. According to the district court, this can only be avoided if we explicitly disassociate from these contents. Therefore the following applies to all links from our website to other sites in the Internet: we expressly declare that we do not have any influence to the design nor content of the linked websites. Therefore, we explicitly disassociate from all content of all linked websites and DO NOT adopt these contents. This declaration applies to all links on our website and for the entire content of those websites, which leads to from the links, banners and buttons on our website. The liability for the offered content on the websites and especially damages which result from the usage or not usage thus offered information applies solely to the provider of the website which was directed to, not the one who is who is referring to the publication. This constraint also applies to external entries in guest books, discussion forums, mailing list, etc. which were provided from V+S Furniere Vertriebs GmbH.